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(Featured as cover art.)

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(Featured in news as "Stretchable sodium-ion battery electrodes made using sugar cubes” and nanowerk as "Sodium-ion batteries become fully stretchable".)

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(Featured as cover art.)

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(Featured as cover art. [DOI: 10.1002/adma.201670251])

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(Featured in Materials SCENE and Biological SCENE on Chemical and Engineering News website as “Melanin Skins Provide UV-Protective Coatings”)

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(Invited, Featured as cover art.)

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(Invited, Also featured as cover art.)

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(Also featured on many websites including MIT Technology Review,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, etc. and various radio programs.)

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(Also featured as cover of issue.)

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(Featured in Materials SCENE and NanoFocus on Chemical and Engineering News website as “Block Copolymer Helps Lithography Get Smaller”, featured online at ScienceDaily and CNRS as “New Ultra-Thin Electronic Films Have Greater Capacity”, featured online at Semiconductor Manufacturing Daily as “Sugar Aids DSA Copolymers”, featured online at Azonano as “Thin-Film Bio-Copolymer Raises Physical Limit to Microprocessor Performance” and featured online at ASM International as “Thin films based on petroleum and sugar can self-organize with 5 nm resolution”, among other websites.)

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(Featured as Noteworthy Chemistry at

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(Featured on the website of Department of Chemical Engineering at University of Texas at Austin.)

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(Also selected to be published in Virtual J. Nanoscale Sci Tech. 9, March 15, 2004.)

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